Tips for an Organized Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite dinner of the year. Turkey, potatoes, stuffing and pie. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. However, preparing for it is another matter altogether. But by creating a game plan now, you can save yourself a lot of stress later.

7 Easy Steps to an Organized Halloween

Good grief! Time really does fly! Halloween candy is already on store shelves. Don’t let preparation spook you. Here are 7 easy steps to a more organized Halloween.

Label Mania

If it’s worth organizing…it’s worth labeling. And I have to admit, I LOVE my label maker.

Before You Toss Your Old Nail Polish…

Here’s something I didn’t know. Nail polish is considered household hazardous waste. It’s toxic to the environment just like house paint, pesticides, batteries and some household cleaners. It’s definitely not something that should go in a landfill. So what is the most responsible way to dispose of old nail polish?