The SOS Resource Guide

Because so much of what I do as an organizer involves helping people purge the things they no longer need or use, I’ve come up with some “go-to” resources for disposing or donating those items. I hope you find this helpful!

Hazardous Waste

Dead batteries. Old paint. Light bulbs. Even fingernail polish. You know better than to toss these items in the trash. But where should they go?

Follow this link for a comprehensive guide to disposing of your hazardous household waste…some of the programs are FREE!

The Shred Pile

Have you let sensitive paperwork pile up? If you don’t feel like shredding a mountain of paperwork on your own, you can search for free shredding days in your community. Can’t find a free event? Don’t want to wait? Staples offers secure shredding services. Follow this link to find out more.


Old and outdated electronics. Keep them out of landfills…follow this link for FREE pick up and recycling info.

School, Office and Craft Supplies

Did you know that many teachers buy school supplies for their students using their own money? Whether I’m organizing an office or craft room, I can’t tell you how often I come across supplies that my clients are ready to part with. Donate them to a great cause…our young people.

The Kids in Need Foundation specializes in providing help to under-resourced teachers and students through school supplies collections. The children and teachers receive items so that they can help each other to succeed in their education.

Donate Product – Kids In Need Foundation (

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