Organizing: How to Begin

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Last month’s blog was about our desire to break through the clutter to find simplicity.

But how do you begin?  You start by evaluating your space.

Let me ask you a few questions.

Whether it’s your pantry, your closet or the kids’ playroom, how do you feel when you walk into that space?  Is it conducive to being productive?  Or does the mess stress you out?

How much time do you spend looking for a certain ingredient or shirt or toy? Come on….be honest. 

Have you ever bought the same item twice because you couldn’t find the one you purchased originally? 

All these scenarios are indicators of a problem.  But it’s not the problem you think – you don’t have to stop buying things.  Instead you need to organize what you have.

When you know what you have and where to find it, you’re less likely to buy duplicates.  I once had a client who discovered she had 13 three-hole punches and 17 pairs of scissors.  Yikes! 

Every organizing project, no matter the size or place, follows the same basic steps.  While the “stuff” used in each space is different, good organizing principles don’t change.

Admit you have a problem.  The first step in parting with your stuff is admitting that you have more than you could ever use.  Once you acknowledge you will never use it all, you can start to mentally separate from it.

Does everything have a home?  If you’ve never decided where something should go, it probably floats around your home, making it hard to find and put away.  It’s important that everything has a designated home.  A place for everything…and everything in its place.  This is what will make your home efficient and organized.

Between now and next month’s blog, take some time to evaluate the spaces in your home that are causing you stress.  What’s working?  What’s not working?  Then we’ll start to tackle the clutter spots.

If whatever space is stressing you out feels too overwhelming, give me a call!  I love helping people break through the clutter to find simplicity!