Storing Your Stuff

Buying the wrong boxes and bins can just add to your clutter. Yes, uniform bins and baskets are lovely. And they definitely serve a purpose. But before going on any kind of shopping binge on bins, look at what you already have…and use it. I love “shopping” from my clients’ homes.

Organizing: Start Small

Time to continue our journey of breaking through the clutter to find simplicity.

Organizing: How to Begin

Last month’s blog was about our desire to break through the clutter to find simplicity. But how do you begin?  You start by evaluating your space. Let me ask you a few questions. Whether it’s your pantry, your closet or the kids’ playroom, how do you feel when you walk into that space?  Is it conducive to being productive?  Or …

Find Simplicity

While Albert Einstein wasn’t talking about the overflowing state of some of our homes when he penned this statement, his sentiment captures a feeling many of us share. Our lives are filled with complexity and we long to break through the clutter to find simplicity. I have listened to many clients express their concerns about not having enough time in …