We met Jill several years ago when my friend was looking for assistance designing closets for her new home. At that time, we learned that Jill is also very skilled at organizing spaces so when my friend recently decided to downsize, we knew to reach out to Jill. Her first project was to design two closet spaces. She was then hired to help pack in preparation for the move. Jill carefully packed everything including the kitchen, bath, closets, collectibles and china. Once the move was complete, she skillfully unpacked everything and helped to organize the new spaces in a way that made absolute sense. She has boundless energy, is thoughtful in her approach and is a delight to work with. We highly recommend Jill for any projects that could benefit from her expertise.Sally L., Denver

My daughter and I started organizing my craft room ourselves, sorting items into piles of similar items. But then we got stuck. We had no clue how to actually organize all these different supplies, nor did we know which or what organizational supplies we needed. This is when we turned to Jill.

Jill’s expertise and experience in organizing spaces was incredibly helpful. She has the knowledge and skills to take our sorted piles of items and create a well-organized and functional craft room. Jill was able to assess the space, determine the best storage solutions for my specific needs, and provide guidance on what organizational supplies to buy.

We benefited from her expertise and avoided the anxiety, mistakes, confusion and uncertainty that came with trying to do this on our own. Jill not only helped me with the physical organization of the craft room, but also gently encouraged me to consider what supplies and items I actually wanted in that room. She then provided terrific guidance on how to maintain that organized space in the long run.

I was so pleased with how my craft room turned out that we moved onto the basement, creating a playroom for my grandsons and a lounge area for my adult children to hang out together and play games. She even helped me get a handle on shelving (and organizing) my 25 + boxes of books. From there we organized one of my daughter’s bedrooms, which in her absence had become my “yarn room” and was stuffed to the ceiling with yarn, projects and looms. When my daughter and her partner arrived for Christmas, they were overjoyed to discover they could actually sleep and unpack.

Jill then tackled the storage of “back stock” paper towels, toilet paper and cleaning supplies by designing a new shelving solution for a mis-used closet. This year we will move on to the kitchen and my bedroom.

I cannot express what a difference Jill has made in my life. I can indulge my creative spirit now, able to find whatever I need when I need it. I can breathe in the basement with its now open space and comfy arrangements. I can find any book I want. She is helping me create and manage the house I always wanted to live in, but never knew how to create myself.

Nikki B., Louisville

I cannot express how incredible Jill is at her craft. I am about to be a first-time mom and organization is not my forte. I knew I needed some professional ‘nesting’ help. Jill did more than I could imagine – she is professional, thoughtful, creative, extremely hard-working, and an absolute pleasure to work with. At first, I was going to have her organize a few key areas — her work brought me so much peace and calm that she organized my whole house. I plan to work with her again in the future when we move or when our house needs a bit of her magic.

Brittany K., Denver

We used Jill of Smart Organizing Solutions to do some organizing in our home a couple of years ago and were very satisfied with her work. However the area in our home with the greatest need by far was my garage. As a bicycle and motorcycle hobbyist/mechanic, as well as a tool freak, the garages was completely overrun with tools, chemicals and parts, as well as storage for camping equipment, gardening equipment, large quantities of household goods—you name it. In spite of lots of shelf space, there was not a spare inch in sight. Although I always sought solace working on various projects in the garage, it got so I would avoid them because of the difficulties that the above description presented—even finding a few square inches of free space on my workbench.

Nevertheless, I avoided calling S.O.S. for help. I couldn’t imagine tackling this project with her—how would we make the seemingly thousands of decisions on what to do what with what? Finally, at the insistence of my wife, I made the dreaded call to Jill.

Jill appeared at the scheduled time, in her usual cheerful “let’s get to work” self. She immediately picked an area of shelving and we began to work. I was soon reminded that she had an almost magical way of questioning my need for all sorts of objects which made it easy for me to let go, repurpose, relocate, etc. Within a half hour I began to see that this project was going to be a success.

The project took three four-hour sessions. Her attitude of positive cheerful optimism enabled me to enjoy the process. I was continually dazzled by the way she could discard, organize, recategorize, and label in ways that I had never dreamed of. The end result is a clean, airy garage, an empty work bench, and an inviting feeling. Now I look forward to working on projects as I am more relaxed and efficient. Projects which had become a burden are now tackled with enthusiasm. And I am always motivated to put EVERYTHING away when finished to keep the garage “Jill sparkling.” Thanks Jill!

Bob U., Boulder

Jill is a force of nature.

We moved recently; I was dreading unpacking and organizing the remaining boxes. In just a few sessions Jill was able to tackle what would have taken me weeks to do on my own. She organized our basement, closets, kitchen, and even brought stuff to goodwill for us.

I would highly recommend Jill to anyone who needs help organizing or just an extra set of hands.

Sarah R., Denver

My husband and I moved into our home in late 2014 when I was very pregnant with our first child. I didn’t have time (or energy) to put things away in an organized fashion.

Over the years, our storerooms and extra closets became stuffed with things from our former lives, baby items, clothes and linens we never used, etc.

I hired Jill initially to help with our storeroom (which felt very overwhelming) and our laundry room. Within hours Jill helped me purge items that hadn’t been used in years, and frankly were never going to be used. She taught me to put “like with like” and we had a lot of giggles about things I’d been hanging onto.

Following our storerooms, we moved on to closets, our kids’ rooms and finally – the piece de resistance, my closet! Having Jill organize my house created a sense of calm that I didn’t know could exist with two little kids.

Jill approaches organizing with a great sense of humor, makes things incredibly easy on her clients and doesn’t require a lot of additional spending on organizational items (she likes to make use of what is already in the house). No job is too big (or too small). Jill is an absolute GOD SEND and I would highly recommend her for any organizing project you have.

Erin M., Denver

I had the opportunity to work with Jill during a recent office renovation. We needed someone to package a wide array of small and large awards, memorabilia, and sentimental items that were on display in a conference room and executive office, and then return them at the end of the renovation. For a better idea of the scope, think 18 Feet by 8 Feet of bookshelves covered in mementos, and 3 office walls and a 50 Foot hallway filled with art, awards, and posters. She diligently photographed each shelf and wall, then wrapped and labeled each item for storage. She even assisted in moving all the packed boxes from our 4th floor office down to our storage unit in the basement. Nothing seemed too big or too small for her to handle.

As renovations usually do, ours went a bit longer than expected. Scheduling and rescheduling with Jill was a breeze due to her understanding and flexibility. Outside of the dates we had scheduled with her, she also took the time to label photos of the original spaces to help expedite the move in. We were able to unpack the two rooms in just a single day!

Jill is flexible, meticulous, and hardworking, but most importantly, she has a phenomenal attitude every step of the way. She is an absolute pleasure to work with!

Dana R., Denver
Jill is absolutely an organization and efficiency expert who delivers high-value services. She is a wonderful and pleasant professional that greets you with warmth from the start to determine your custom services. I opted for the full concierge services and WOW…

After an initial assessment of my home and preferences, shortly thereafter Jill provided a comprehensive list of potential storage items. I simply reviewed and approved the list and Jill took care of the rest. She had the items delivered to my home and also picked up ones directly from the store.

Jill began early in the morning and her organization motor did not stop until she was finished. I consider myself a relatively organized person but this is like nothing you can imagine. I had so much space returned to my shelves, closets, drawers, storage rooms, etc. I also find it much easier to keep things orderly since they have structured, efficient and “common sense” locations… And here’s the best part… I did nothing but work from home and perhaps address a question or two.

After Jill was finished, I honestly was overcome with emotion and told her…”this now feels like home.” I could not help to give her a hug and cannot wait for the opportunity to work with her again.Troy M., Denver

This is the second time I have used Jill’s services! We recently had our entire kitchen updated and everything that was in our cabinets was scattered around our house and garage in boxes while we waited for our kitchen project to be completed.

When I started digging things out of boxes to put back into the cabinets, I became very stressed and anxious with all the stuff I had and how to arrange it. After pacing around for a bit thinking about how I was going to tackle this, I decided to give Jill a call.

She took the anxiety out of organizing my kitchen and actually made it a fun project!

My house was in disarray when Jill arrived. Jill was non-judgmental in the way things looked and organized things in a manner that flow well and made the best use of my space. Because my kitchen is so well organized, I feel more comfortable spending time in there and it also feels cleaner. I’d highly recommend Jill for any home organizing project!Heidi C., Highlands Ranch

For the first time in my life, I hired a professional organizer and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

I was frozen with anxiety about how I was going to downsize to half the space, but Jill made it happen!

She is truly remarkable and in a few short hours during our first session we donated, trashed, and organized the contents of 3 closets that had been so crammed with stuff I could barely get in. And Jill somehow made it feel painless.

We’ve continued on to clear and organize bathrooms and book shelves and about every nook and cranny in my house! What a difference it has made! Can’t thank Jill enough. Kristin T., Denver

We hired Jill to help us unpack after having our entire household stored for over a year. She was outstanding to work with.

We had a unique situation in that we moved into a home with our items coming from several different locations. Jill was able to work with us, quickly assess our needs, and then begin placing items in a logical and well planned way. Even when we had to continually bring additional items from storage during the moving and unpacking process, she was flexible and able to adapt quickly on the fly, rearranging spaces to hold increasing amounts of items.

Jill saved us hours and days in our unpacking and move-in process. That allowed us to enjoy our new home much sooner than if we had tried to unpack without her!

I would highly recommend Jill and Smart Organizing Solutions to anybody trying to get a handle on “too many items trying to fit into too little space”!Ryan R., Greenwood Village

We were referred to Jill by a friend. We have a big 120-year-old house in east Denver. Kathy and I are not hoarders, but we have many spare rooms now that our kids are gone. Kathy struggles when getting rid of clothes and shoes so the closets were crowded and the rooms had many boxes and old toys.

Jill has a great style and approach. We attacked the closets first, going through various items. Does it fit, would you buy it again, would you really wear a top from the 80’s? It was all done with style, grace and no judgement. It took 10 visits but we decluttered the closets, cleaned out crowded rooms and we have a fresh uncluttered house as a result. One of the very nice things is that she takes all items away for donation or trash at the end of a session, blocking any remorse.

The best part was that we bonded with Jill and there were many laughs shared. She is very bright, well read, pleasant, friendly and a joy to work with.

I am sure we will use her again when it becomes necessary. We recommend her with the highest praise. Kathy would be happy to take calls if you need more information.

We feel lighter, detached from objects that are not necessary and are living more in the moment. Thanks Jill. Dennis and Kathy B., Denver

I hired Jill to help me unpack and organize my kitchen after a big move. She tackled the project in under 5 hours, which was amazing. She’s efficient, insightful, and instructive along the way. I learned some great hacks from her which will help me keep my kitchen functioning and organized for the long haul. I really appreciated her follow up with recommended products too. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent!Martha P., Wheat Ridge
I cannot recommend Jill enough. In fact, I have already recommended her to several of my friends. She is impactful from the first moment. She was able to grasp my issues (both the physical amount of stuff and the emotional component of purging) and help me sort and eliminate and separate what wasn’t working for me. As a result, I live a smoother life. What I need is at hand and what I don’t need – is gone. Working with Jill has been a great gift to myself!Celia S., Denver
I highly recommend Jill with Smart Organizing Solutions for any of your organizational needs. She is so efficient, fast and friendly. She keeps you focused when working together. I had her help with several different areas of the house and she is so talented in every area. Whether you work together or leave and come back to an awwwwe moment (I did both) she is the absolute best in the business!!!Erin R., Cherry Hills Village
Jill’s organizing skills made my tired and cluttered home sparkle. I now have a place for everything. My desk top can be seen for the first time in months. My clothes closet is so beautifully rearranged that I go in there and close the door and smile. Best of all, Jill is a gifted organizer, has a cheeky smile and is a wonderful, warm and kind human being. I asked her to move in permanently, but she refused. 🙂 Thank you, Jill!Helena U., Boulder
Jill is amazing! I am soooo enjoying my new ORGANIZED home! My son was blown away. I hear Jill’s voice in my head – after I’ve taken something out…it goes right back in its home now. And all of her tips are helping me stay organized. My dog and cat love their new home, too. Many, many thanks!Margot B., Boulder
It’s working! It really working! Two weeks ago, you came over and helped me organize my kitchen in a way that works for me. It’s so easy to maintain and clean up. Everything has a spot. I cannot thank you enough, Jill. 🤗. Looking forward to working together again. Melissa H., Denver
I have lived in my house for 3 years and have always felt that I had plenty of space but that it still felt cluttered, and I couldn’t find things easily. Jill has completely turned that around! We started by organizing my kitchen (which I now love and show off to others!), then expanded to organizing my bathrooms and closets. I could not be happier!!! Everything is accessible and has a place. It’s so easy to keep this organization going. On top of that, Jill pushed me to get rid of those things I had been holding onto for years. I am so happy to have had her help! I recommend Jill to anyone like me who needs that push and support in organizing their belongings. It was the best investment I made this year! Sarah M., Denver
Having Jill arrive, (for a harried, 64 yr. old, overwhelmed client, who just moved her entire adult life to a far smaller studio apartment), was like being given a new lease on life. Boxes up to the ceiling, I was paralyzed by the enormity of the job yet ahead of me.

Working with Jill is incredibly up-lifting. She made the most horrendous, overwhelming job actually fun! Her high energy was very motivating to be around. One might say that she is downright adorable.

Her organizational talent and skill made everything fall into place so beautifully, I could hardly believe it. She knew intuitively and instinctively where everything could/would fit and be most convenient for my lifestyle. She worked affirmingly with my tastes. The respect she shows her client is non- judgmental, encouraging and validating. She even treated my miniature poodle and kitty like my kids!

A neighbor asked me how my time with Jill was. I replied, stupendous, exhilarating, and productive!

Yup! Hiring Jill is some of the best money I ever spent in my entire life.Margot B., Boulder

I relocated to Denver from Ann Arbor, MI in June 2019. I worked with a professional organizer in Ann Arbor who helped me sell my home, downsize, and beautifully manage the move west. I consider myself a competent, organized person with a history of succeeding at most of what I have imagined and attempted to accomplish. But I discovered something important about professional organizers in general and one in particular.

Professional organizers know so much more than we do about creative and visually pleasing ways to organize a home. Really good organizers know the best products for organizing kitchens, baths and living spaces. The really great organizers will order these products for you, install them and make certain that what is purchased also provides a bit of flair and style to your home.

Jill Fleming absolutely falls into the category of a great organizer. She knows her “stuff” inside and out. She got to know me by listening carefully as I described my needs, worries and style. She presented multiple options for every organizational challenge. But the icing on the cake proved to be how creative and delightful she is as a person. My new apartment looks awesome and we had a great, great time getting there! I wander from room to room opening drawers and looking into cupboards and closets just because everything looks so very cool. Without reservation or hesitation I recommend Jill as the organizer who will help you accomplish your most challenging organizational tasks while making certain she and you enjoy the process every step along the way.Deborah G., Denver

“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.”

We moved from our three-story home of 24 years that we’d raised our family in and downsized to a lock and leave patio home. The process was extremely stressful and overwhelming, especially given the fact that after closing, we moved boxes and boxes and more boxes, but very little furniture. And we only lived in our new home for 3 days before leaving for several months.

Jill has been our angel on Earth (you can’t see her wings, but she has them 😊) While we still have some work to do, I now get a physical reaction when I walk into various rooms. My heart slows down, I feel calmer, take a deep breath and smile. I’m no longer in that constant “fight or flight mode” or feeling completely overwhelmed.

Jill is fast, energetic, warm, caring and non-judgmental. At first there was a bit of embarrassment by all the “stuff” we had accumulated, but she quickly helped me get over that. Jill is also excellent at helping navigate the difficult decision-making process of what to keep and not keep, especially with the more sentimental items in our home. Jill was also amazing at setting up and organizing our offices, and really knows her way around a computer too. There’s nothing she can’t do! And finally, she’s a wiz at finding and organizing spaces in your home to “make it work” with pieces of the puzzle all coming together in helping make this new, smaller house, feel like our home.

“I’ve learned people will forget what you said; people will forget what you did; but people will never forget how you made them feel.”Brenda L., Superior

Yes, there are miracles. And yes, there is an eighth wonder of the world. Her name is Jill. We moved to a new house in Boulder that needed a lot of storage. Two full walls of cabinets, four closets, two offices and a walk-in-pantry. We originally had Jill design and manage all of the storage, which is perfect! Then, we had a flood and a long period of health issues. Two years later we still had a storage unit, boxes of office papers, boxes of personal papers, a room full of memorabilia and more. We spent over two years trying to find the time and energy to manage a vast mess. We felt anxious and depressed, worried and inadequate. I never believed someone else could manage things that I thought needed to be addressed by the owner. In desperation, we called Jill to ask her if she could help. She did and we are eternally grateful. She had complicated organizing done in lightening speed and in detail, down to shredding, recycling, give-away boxes, perfectly labeled files and boxes.

Jill is a very special person. She is delightful to be with, is undaunted by any size mess and extraordinarily competent. She has a special gift for organizing and is able to see exactly what needs to happen and where it needs to go. Then she does it quickly, perfectly, with your needs in mind and with great enthusiasm for the work. Jill has transformed our house and office as well as our attitudes and functionality, which has been priceless. Sometimes I ponder whether she is the eighth wonder of the world, an angel or both. We are eternally grateful to her.Mike & Hansine G., Boulder

We had to declutter and stage our home for sale. Jill was extremely helpful and cheerful about this daunting project. She has boundless energy, and is enthusiastic and easy to work with. She made organizing enjoyable! When we sold our house and moved to a rental, Jill came and helped us move in there too. I would not hesitate to recommend her!Karin W., Denver
We felt like we were drowning! We are a small school and opened just a year ago. The upstairs was perfect but the basement was a huge mess due to just moving in and getting the school started. Jill was sent to us from one of our parents and she worked her magic. Our basement is now fully organized and a great place for our storage and also to work. We are now able to find things quickly and have a wonderful system for storing our many Montessori materials, art supplies, office supplies, and more! Thank you Jill! This was truly a priceless gift!Pauline M., Denver
You don’t like organizing, so you’re not good at it. You open a cabinet and see a hundred mismatched items. Don’t know where to start. Close the cabinet.

Jill likes organizing, and she’s very good at it. For her, your messy cabinet is a puzzle to be solved–and she loves solving them, the way some people like crosswords or Sudoku. She’s efficient, and as so many other testimonials have described, her personality is perfect for this work.

If you’re like me–and I’m guessing 95% of you are–you have three options. You could try to ignore the clutter, which will fail because clutter is stressful and you can’t find anything. You could watch an episode of the Marie Kondo show, and then try to do it yourself–you’ll get through part of one room before you have to pick up your kid from soccer. Then it’s time to cook dinner…your sister calls…the project dies quietly. Or, you could hire Jill, and she’ll do the heavy lifting. The work goes twice as quickly. The money you spend, you get back in time. And you’ll actually have an organized home.Charlie W., Denver

Jill was highly recommended to me by a friend who also happens to be an organization guru so the bar was set pretty high! I had just moved into a new house and was feeling completely overwhelmed with boxes, lack of storage options and more stuff than the house seemed capable of holding. Not only was she fast, efficient and clever…she was a delight to spend the day with. I had to leave for a while to go handle something at work so I gave her a project with no direction and when I got back, it was done and she was getting ready to vacuum! Amazing. I would highly recommend Jill and cannot wait to work with her again when I’m ready for the next phase.Rebecca M., Denver
How can I begin my story and experience with Jill that can accurately put into words how she has helped me transform not only my space, but the chaos that goes along with being unorganized both mentally and physically.

I first sought out organizational help when I moved into my new condo after college. I still had the basic college furniture (shelves to hold all my junk), TONS AND TONS OF clothes, TONS of books from college (and even from high school). I wanted to have a more “adult looking” condo and after tirelessly trying to do the impossible myself, I sought out a professional.

Enter Jill. It was like she was sent from the heavens and graciously listened to my needs and exceeded my expectations entirely. She has not only helped me organize and shop for two homes, but she has done exponentially more for me during our four-year organizational quest.

During our most recent sessions I was also going through an extremely difficult breakup and was clinging onto items that were just plain toxic. I knew it. She knew it. But instead of pushing me to jump into the deep end, she lovingly told me I am in control and will let go of the items in due time. Second/third/fourth round, she again would mention that it wasn’t helping my goal to reduce the amount of stuff (junk) and the headache that goes along with it. I was then ready to get rid of it all. I even got rid of things I thought I could never break free from. That’s the magic of purging and the strength and courage Jill provides in showing you it is possible to let go.

We have been working together on and off for almost 4 years and I couldn’t imagine working with any other company. She is meticulous, compassionate, creative, fair and knowledgeable in all aspects of design and organization. You won’t regret working with Jill. She is one of those rare special people that changes lives and does it with such grace and humility it makes you strive to do better and be better.
I am pleased to say that my place is still very organized, and when it becomes a little chaotic, well, I know Jill is just a phone call away to solve the problem with a smile on her face. Stefania P., Denver

Jill is amazing! She makes me feel so cleansed! Each project comes out even better than I expected. I look forward to her visits!Susan P., Denver
Even though I was overwhelmed with all of “my stuff,” Jill was amazing. I really appreciated her help with the assessment, the design, the ordering, installation and organizing of my new closets! She is great to work with! Her design allowed for all of my stuff and room to accommodate changes as my girls grow. And she made the organization very easy. Her “step in and get it done approach” was fantastic and done efficiently and quickly. My girls are amazed with the color coding! I look forward to working with her on future projects.Tamara N., Aurora
I am the director of a small nonprofit organization serving metro Denver. We offer therapeutic support groups for children ranging in age from 4 to 18. We want our facility to feel friendly and home-like, but our therapy rooms were beginning to feel a little too much like home – lived-in and cluttered. I went to the Container Store initially just to get shelving, but then spoke with the salesperson about having a consultant work with us to create a plan, take the measurements and, if we wanted, help us to actually organize all our supplies.

They say it’s better to be lucky than good, but in this instance, we were both lucky and good. Good, because it was very clearly the best decision I’ve made in a long time to hire a consultant to help us with this process; and lucky because we were assigned to Jill. Jill is amazing – she is an absolute delight to work with and her enthusiasm is infectious. We were dreading the prospect of having to organize all of our supplies – which is why things got so cluttered in the first place. Jill created a design for us and a plan for organizing that will serve us for many, many years to come. And, in another move that was both lucky and good, we hired Jill to actually organize everything for us, to start us off right. The finished product that Jill created for us is a thing of beauty – it is truly a sight to behold!

Perhaps the best aspect of working with Jill is that she took the time to understand our unique needs, and built the plan around them. Going into the process, we were worried about what the cost might be, but Jill guided us through it with an expert hand, and the value we received for our investment cannot be overstated. I highly recommend Jill for all your organizing needs. I guarantee that whatever she works on with you will leave you feeling as we do – lucky and good! Diana G., Englewood

I have nothing but good words for Jill and her professional abilities. Having recently moved into a new apartment as a single man I had a real mess on my hands – no place to put all of my “stuff.” Jill showed up, assessed my needs, sent me diagrams, options, and price quotes within 24 hours. We spent time studying all this via telephone and arrived at a plan and a date to execute that plan. Most items came from The Container Store and I was able to pick them up myself so that we were ready the day she arrived for the “organizing.” Jill arrived, took complete control, and organized every drawer, every closet, every cabinet, and every empty drawer in the furniture. The relief I feel is fantastic. My apartment looks great, my “stuff” is where it belongs, my head is clear, and there is room to spare. She was sent by “powers that be” to me in this emotionally difficult time and brought organization to my life which in turn calms my brain! What a gift she is!! Jill is an artist at her profession – worth every penny I spent! And besides all this, Jill is one great lady!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart.Tim H., Denver
We recently completed an installation of the elfa system in 2 bedrooms, an office , a hallway and a linen closet. We worked with Jill during the entire process from purging and organizing before installation to putting everything back when the job was done. She was amazing every step of the way.

She was so patient, as well as motivating in helping me to purge, decide what to keep and come up with a game plan going forward . Jill is a hard worker, gets things done quickly and made the experience fun! Her energy and positive attitude are endless and she is a joy to work with. We love our closets, and we’ll definitely be calling her for future projects.

Jill is fantastic and a real pro. I would totally recommend her for any organizing needs you have to make your life easier….and enjoy the process!Elaine H., Denver

If you have been thinking about how nice it would be to have a more organized house, less junk, greater use of space and better access to items than you currently have, you absolutely must have Jill Fleming come to your home for a consultation and, best of all, have her help you do it!

I went to the Container Store by Park Meadows to buy some things to organize a kitchen pantry. Even with the free designing service, I opted for the in-home designer consultation and professional installation because with so many organizing options, I wanted to make sure I was making the best use of what was available, as well as my time and money. Correct decision!

I think I’m a pretty organized person, but Jill takes it to a whole new level. She sees things so clearly, works incredibly quickly, knows exactly how to optimize your space–and you have fun doing it with her! She is a total professional and a delight to work with. The results will make you smile every time you open your closet. I feel so good about what she has done with my kitchen and other storage spaces, now beautifully and functionally re-purposed, that I have asked her to come help me with our walk-in clothes closet. Can’t wait to see how wonderful she will make this space!Kathy F., Littleton

Jill is a life saver! She is tireless in her work and turns utter chaos into a thing of beauty. She’s a delight to work with. Jill is clearly passionate about what she does. After selling our California home in July and moving to Denver, I was so done with the moving process. I couldn’t look at another box. I was in overwhelm. Jill whipped my house into shape on her first visit. She is simply amazing! I feel so fortunate to have met her and feel like I have a new friend! Janet K., Denver
As we travel through the “aging process” we often encounter many forms of physical immobility, which decrease our ability to perform tasks that we were able to do our whole lives. I am now confined to a wheel chair. I wasn’t able to reach the rod my clothes were hanging on without pain. And I was unable to get down on the floor to reach things in my lower kitchen cabinets. Having to ask for assistance and losing partial independence was the worst.

A recommendation from a friend sent me to Jill Fleming with SOS: Smart Organizing Solutions. Jill is absolutely amazing! Smart, organizing, solutions are the perfect words to describe Jill. She organized my closet in a manner that I can easily reach my everyday clothes. Out-of-season clothes hang above my in-season clothes. I can have someone switch them when the seasons change. No more dragging seasonal clothes from the basement. I also have plenty of storage space that I can manage. Believe me, it is a dream come true.

The next problem that Jill corrected was my inability to reach things in the lower kitchen cabinets. Bamboo drawers were installed. This enables me to pull the drawer out with my foot and reach the needed item, again, increasing my independence!

I don’t have enough words to correctly describe Jill; she is smart, intelligent, listens and hears what you say. She has a fantastic ability to organize. She’s strong, full of ideas, flexible, works quickly, communicates promptly in all situations, and is very dependable. I would recommend hiring Jill in any situation you need an organizer. Elise R., Littleton

I first hired Jill to help me organize and declutter my house. She was so easy to work with and created realistic solutions. She intuitively understands her client’s needs and is able to adjust her planning and approach to the project. Working with her is truly a customized experience. She has given me the room to breathe and focus on what I need to focus on. I have subsequently used her for 2 other enormous projects including downsizing my parent’s house, and moving and unpacking my house. I’ll never move again without her!Liz R., Denver
In January 2017, Jill came to Longmont Quilt Guild to speak to us about organization, achieving simplicity, improving our habits, and giving us some great storage and planning ideas on how to arrange our quilt spaces. Complimented with a fantastic PowerPoint presentation and slide show prepared specifically for quilters, she inspired us, gave us awesome storage ideas and completely changed our outlook on how to love and take better care of ourselves.

As quilters and artists, my Guildmates are constantly concerned about time and how we will ever complete the unfinished projects awaiting us. We have more tools, fabric and unfinished projects, but less time. We’re constantly taking on too much and spending countless hours running around, seemingly managing everyone else’s lives and not giving enough time doing the things we love and taking better care of ourselves and our needs. It seems as a New Year’s resolution every year, we assert that we will stop taking on unnecessary commitments so we can spend more time quilting.

Jill’s lecture addressed all of our concerns and inspired us with many awesome, philosophical insights:

* Being organized isn’t about getting rid of everything you own or trying to become a different person; it’s about living the way you want to live, but better.

* Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.

* Having a clear mind and clear space allow you to think and act with purpose.

* With organization comes empowerment and a heightened level of self-discipline.

* Honestly, organizing the home is 10% sorting, purging and buying beautiful storage containers and 90% motivation and discipline, wherein you form the habit of putting away your stuff right after you use it.

* Organization is an essential tool in deeply caring for yourself and spending all of your time wisely and efficiently.

If you wish to have Jill custom-design a presentation for your group, I highly recommend her. We’re a large Guild with extremely high standards for quality lectures and she was one of the best lecturers we ever had in the history of our Guild! She completely captivated our audience!
Rebecca Weise, Programs Chairperson for the Longmont Quilt Guild - Longmont, Colorado

Here are the top 10 Ways SOS Helped Organize Me:

10. She was NON-JUDGMENTAL. A lot harder than it sounds! I was tasked with downsizing and selling our family home that my mother had lived in close to 50 years. Mother was an academic with the attendant books and periodicals and papers and files. She was also the keeper of the family history which included an archive collection of a long court case. To try to manage all this and contain the household chaos, Mother bought every organizational tool imaginable. The result? Items that came into the house and garage over the course of those 50 years NEVER LEFT plus we had every manner of folder, bin, box, cart and clip known to Man.

9. She was FAST. I put the house on the market on Memorial Day, 2016. If I had not engaged Jill in January 2016, I know I would never have achieved my goal of selling the house in the Spring. Side note: it sold after only four showings.

8. She was EXPERIENCED. Jill basically pre-staged the house, knowing exactly what the realtor was going to want out of sight or gone. During the staging and selling process, the realtor continually commented on how much better the house looked each time she came. That was entirely Jill’s doing!

7. She was UNDAUNTED. Each time Jill arrived, she first asked what would be a good goal to accomplish for the day. After a few sessions, I learned not to be sheepish since there is NOTHING Jill won’t tackle: Dirty garage? Let me at it! Mildewy files? No problem! “Squeamish” is not in Jill’s vocabulary.

6. She is STRONG. Oh, my goodness. If I hadn’t witnessed it myself, I would never have believed that we two could move metal shelving and wooden bookcases and all manner of boxes and furniture. Jill always remembered my physical limitations (asthma) and herself hauled hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds of materials down stairs, up stairs, and out to the garage.

5. She has a GREAT MEMORY. We had 17 work sessions over the course of six months and Jill could remember from session to session where we left off, where we had stashed belongings, what box we had stowed where. It was remarkable.

4. She gives you your MONEY’S WORTH. Jill brings high-energy snacks to her longer sessions so that she doesn’t have to stop work. (Yes, she’ll share.) Her rate is neither the high end nor the low end but, having worked with four other organizers, I can say that Jill was the best value and accomplished the most with the least stress. She doesn’t spend your time and money lecturing you about organizing “rules” and doesn’t make decisions without consultation. Whatever YOU want is what she will deliver.

3. She encourages your PARTICIPATION. Jill is a great listener, is sympathetic without enabling, is kind yet professional. She can work independently but encourages full participation from the client so that you can learn organizational strategies and she – and you – can get the most accomplished.

2. She went ABOVE AND BEYOND. Once I put the house on the market, I had to vacate at a moment’s notice for impromptu appointments several times. Since I wanted to continue working and happened to have a portable project, Jill offered her house as a work site so that I could keep the momentum going. In this case, the task was recording years of estate expenses in an Excel spreadsheet on the computer. It had to be extremely accurate and Jill approached the task as if she was personally invested. We finished the task and, as she did every week, Jill encouraged me to celebrate success!

1. She SHOWED UP. Rain or shine, snow or heat, Jill was on time, organized and enthusiastic. If you need supplies or other tools, she tells you what to purchase. She is no nonsense…but she is fun, fun, fun.Paula G., Denver

“Jill is an absolute life-saver, organizer extraordinaire, and probably most importantly, a really caring and exceptional person. She has helped me with several organizing (aka purging) projects – each and every time I am impressed and motivated by her enthusiasm, tenacity, commitment and ability to see through the clutter to create spaces that are not only organized, but also functional and enjoyable. In fact, after a project is done, I am always texting her to ask her where things are — she has an incredible memory and goes out of her way to make sure the project is just perfect. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jill. She has changed the way I see “stuff” and has taught me and my family to live more simply – it’s life changing.”Courtney B., Denver
“I want to thank you SO much for the amazing job you did in my garage. It was a space I was forced to face daily and I was unnerved by the view each time I exited and entered the garage. But I could not muster up the initiative to take it on alone. Along you came and you literally attacked the mess. Your systems and your methods and your categories had that place cleared, purged and put back together as a thing of beauty. And you did it at an impressive pace. It is clear you love the work you do. The fact that it was fun for you, made it fun for me. You bring not only enthusiasm and energy to your projects, but you also have this uncanny 6th sense about where things belong and how things are best set up for efficiency and function.

I could not be more pleased with the results. I am certain the dumpster divers in my neighborhood are also grateful to you for the bounty they received! Thank you again!”Laurie W., Denver

“I had Jill come to my new condo just after moving. All of my things were still in boxes and not very orderly. She designed new closet shelving that has kept me well organized even a year later. Jill unpacked all of my boxes and found the “perfect places ” for everything. I think I only changed two small items from her original placement. I totally recommend the fantastic shelving and especially Jill herself. She’s outstanding.”Daniel B., Thornton
“From our initial interaction over the phone to our in person organizing session, Jill has been such a joy to work with! She connects with you on a personal level and determines the best way to accomplish your organizing goals in a way that is manageable and realistic. Not only did she help me remove what I no longer needed in my closet in an objective manner, but she also gave me some practical tactics to continue to stay organized over time. Anyone that wants to tackle an organizing job – large or small – should have Jill help!”
Mina L., Colorado Springs
“So this all started last spring in March. My husband and I needed help organizing our master closet and garage. We wanted a custom closet designed for the small space. That is how I was introduced to Jill. She came over to our home, very professional and very prepared to help us tackle our situation. Not only did she design with us step by step, but she was able to answer all of our questions in a timely manner. The experience with Jill was absolutely amazing. She works so fast and is so much fun to work with. After our closet and garage were taken care of, a few months passed and I walked into my basement feeling completely overwhelmed by the work that needed to be done there. I went to my husband and told him that “all I want for Christmas is for Jill to come back and help me with this monster of a job.” My wonderful husband agreed because he didn’t want any part of it. HA HA. Jill came over and in 4 hours we were able to get the job done. We went through every single box, purged, organized, repacked and packed some more. It was the best feeling ever to know that my monster in the basement was all done. I love her so much and the work that she does. She came back the following weekend to help me with the rest of my house. I will still call her when my husband and I move. Now my house is show ready and is ready to be put on the market. Jill you are the best! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Lauren A., Broomfield
“Several year ago, I found and purchased a beautiful home. Over time, and for a variety of reasons, it became cluttered and messy. It became more and more depressing to be in my own home, a place that was supposed to be my sanctuary. I also felt so much shame that I let my house, and my life, reach such a state. I never invited people over, for I didn’t want them to see how I lived. I realized too that I also was using the mess and clutter as an excuse to not only keep people out of my house but to keep them out of my life, adding to my depression even more.

Jill arrived in my home with such compassion and free of judgment. She listened to my needs and assessed the situation. She made me feel at ease. We attacked the clutter, working in tandem, to create a home that not only looks beautiful, it is easy to live in. Jill kept it fun the entire time. My house looked great once again. With a few simple maintenance tips, I have been able to keep it neat and organized. Thanks to Jill, I am falling in love with my home all over again. I even had friends over for dinner last night for the first time in ages. I listened to my friends laugh in the living room as I prepared dinner and my heart was filled with Joy. This is why I bought a home. Jill has helped me welcome the people I love back into my home, as well as back into my heart. For this I am eternally thankful. Jill’s gifts and skills as a person and as an organizer are truly invaluable.”
Chris D., Denver

“There is no greater satisfaction than seeing your new residence completely unpacked and transformed into a welcoming home for you to relax in after only a few hours of working with Jill at SOS, vs. days and/or weeks without her! I cannot believe the difference.”Jonathan B., Aurora
“We were in the process of moving from Longmont to Denver when a family emergency on the East Coast caused us to rush our packing and moving so that we could return to the East Coast for an extended period of time. Upon returning to Denver, we were overwhelmed by the thought of returning to our new home which was filled with moving boxes. We called Jill, and she reduced a lot of our stress and worry. The day after we returned to Denver, Jill met us at our place, and quickly got to work. She and her crew unpacked our whole 2-bedroom apartment, organized it, and made it a functional living space in 2 days. She even helped us decide which things we could purge and dropped off all those items to Goodwill for us, making two trips for us so we didn’t have to. We love the work she did for us and highly recommend her for your organizing needs. We would definitely use her in the future.”Jasmine Y., Denver
“The name S.O.S. couldn’t be a better fit. Jill saved me! Moving from a 5-closet apartment into a 1-closet condo had me overwhelmed. After showing Jill my space(s), she put together a great design and helped me find storage in places I never thought existed. Her relationships throughout the city gave me options without any pressure, and made the entire process incredibly easy. I feel set up for success in my new place, and I know Jill is a big reason reason why. She listened to me, got to know me and was there for me every step of the way! I felt like I was working with a friend who wanted everything just right, just like me. If you’re in need of organization, S.O.S. is the one to call. Jill even helped organize my thoughts! I’m forever grateful for her services and so thankful we were introduced.”Beth D., Denver
“Growing up we had a garage that was extremely dangerous to open. We never knew what was going to run out, fall out or tumble out of the garage once opened. It was not only full of stuff, it was disorganized, not functional, and downright SCARY!

Six months after moving into our new house, I slowly started to see the garage turn into disarray. Garden gloves mixed in with car washing liquid, bike helmets stuffed with golf balls, bike pumps thrown on top of snow sleds, dog food mixed up with snow ski equipment — the memories started to come back of those childhood days of the garage I grew up with — ‘No No No, it can’t be happening!’

I then rememberred walking into The Container Store around Christmas time and saw their beautiful shelving and when I returned with photos of our garage, they referred me to Jill at Smart Organizing Solutions to assist us in this large job. From the moment I phoned her she was warm hearted, enthusiastic, easy to work with and had many ideas to assist in a first design of our garage.

We spent a couple of weeks going back and forth to get the design just perfect! She worked so hard and was so patient at getting it ‘right’! After the shelves were ordered, delivered and installed, she came over to assist me with the actual implementation of putting all of the items where they were planned to go. I never realized just how fun yet rewarding the process could be!

I now look forward to not only opening our garage door to see such a gorgeous garage, I actually am showing it off to my neighbors and friends! Thank you Jill for all of your hard work and help. Not only is it clean, it will be easy to maintain as everything has a place!”Very Happy Client, Dana H., Boulder

“I am older and it is difficult for me to do the packing and unpacking for a move. When I found it necessary to move to a different apartment, Jill came to help me and she is just like a buzz saw. She wastes no time and is highly efficient and knows exactly how to deal with packing and unpacking and has wonderful ideas on how to arrange things. I had thought I might have to rent a storage unit or something, but Jill found a place for everything and it all works well. I highly recommend Jill for all your organizing and moving needs.”June H., Lakewood
“Jill is amazing. She is not just a home organizing wizard, she is a person of ideas and creativity. She has a vision that is uncommon and a love for her work that is contagious. Moving is stressful and her presence made my move far less so. The day she spent helping me was fun. I recommend Jill with great enthusiasm.”Johnnie R., Denver
“Jill designed and organized three closets and a large pantry/laundry area in our 1920s Park Hill home. The spaces were challenging to say the least and the results amazing. We have so much new and beautiful space. Jill’s eye is keen and her work ethic unsurpassed. She actually planned the work around a family trip so we came home to the new space PLUS neatly arranged piles in the garage of give away, throw away, and craigslist items that she removed from the basement. I can recommend SOS without reservation — work will be to perfectionist standards and done with an honest love of the job.”Karen R., Denver
“I moved into my house a year ago. I’ve rearranged things in my kitchen several times, but things were always discombobulated. I asked Jill to come over and take a look. Within an hour she had organized everything! She asked great questions regarding daily usage vs. occasional use to ensure that the things we use everyday were easily accessible. I love how everything looks now. I keep opening cabinets and drawers just to revel in how awesome everything looks. Jill is fun to work with, fast, and efficient. I highly recommend Jill for any project!”Michelle D., Denver
“When my husband asked me to consider relocating again I couldn’t imagine how I was going to physically do it. We had just moved a year before with our fourth baby being only 6 weeks old and I was still tired! I told him I would of course move but I asked if I could hire someone to help unpack and organize me right away. I didn’t even know if anyone offered this type of service until I found Jill! Jill was an answered prayer.

After our first conversation I already felt better. She listened, communicated well, and understood exactly what I needed. I can’t say enough good things about Jill and her team. Our move was a complicated one and she worked with us to get the job done on our schedule. We moved in on a Saturday morning and Jill and her team met us as the movers unpacked the truck. They worked all day Saturday and Sunday and left at 5:30pm right as our out of town guests arrived! Our 5 bedroom house was unpacked, organized, cleaned up, box free with pictures on the wall- in two days!!!

My husband and I agree that Jill was the best money we have spent! She made our transition so much smoother and took away tremendous amounts of stress. It would have taken us weeks and weeks of very late nights to get done half the work that they did. Because of Jill we were able to move in and start enjoying Colorado immediately! I would recommend Jill and Smart Organizing Solutions to anyone!”Kelly and Andy, Broomfield

“I have used organizers before, although with varying degrees of perceived success. Jill changed all that – she is a rock star of the organizing genre!

After a couple less than positive experiences, I decided to be a bit pickier in who I chose for a multi-room and basement project. I realize now that part of that success is finding someone who is a fit, not only from a “how to” perspective, but also someone you‘d like to spend up to 60 hours with – that is the combined total of work hours that it took for the project.

What made the experience so positive? Jill showed up when she said she would and was very responsive to inquiries and scheduling arrangements. She listened to our needs, including those of my two sons, whose rooms were part of the project. She is a diligent and extremely hard worker. It helps to overcome all the stuff that is not “fun” about organizing, such as hauling stuff up and down stairs or taking stuff to be dropped off for donation. She just doesn’t quit! She is creative and thrifty. It was amazing how many organizing bins, boxes and drawers I had that just weren’t being utilized. It was thrifty as we used organizing tools and resources I already had. And, on the fun stuff, like sorting, making systems that are sustainable, being creative on solutions was exactly that while working with Jill.

I really looked forward to our organizing events and the time flew by with an unbelievable amount accomplished. Best of all, I can maintain the things that we did. I would highly recommend Jill for any organizing project you have, and will definitely call on her again in the future.”Kirsti P., Denver

“With Jill, It’s not just about organizing your stuff, it’s about organizing your life! Her involvement is a major stress reliever. She’s very communicative, always on time, a great problem solver, as well as a dedicated and fast worker! Not only were my things safely packed, but her organization made it fast and easy for the movers, and made it easy for me to unpack. Use her for your next move, you’ll be so happy you did!”Jeff P., Denver
“Jill lent her skills to help organize my master bedroom closet. It was a cluttered mess before she got her hands on it and now it is neat and tidy. I can find what I need easily and have been able to maintain the organization because she asked for my input throughout the process. As a result of her excellent work, I was inspired to tackle the rest of the closets in my home.”Chris S.
“I was in the process of needing to stage my home and move. I enlisted Jill to help me de-clutter my home and get it stage ready for professional photos and the sale. She helped me think through how and what I needed to pack, not only to prepare to sell, but to be able to unpack quickly and efficiently when I was ready to move into my new house. Her efforts allowed me to lower my level of anxiety, be organized, and confidently move through the real estate process. Thank you Jill for allowing me to get the much needed sleep I would have been lost without your help!”Sally M., Aurora