Tips for an Organized Christmas

I love Christmas! There’s just something magical about this time of year. And, if you have a plan in place, you can spend more time enjoying it and less time feeling stressed out about it.

The Big Basement Clean Out

As you can imagine, this homeowner was overwhelmed every time she stepped into her basement. It had become the dumping ground for everything the family didn’t know what to do with.

7 Tips for a More Organized Halloween

Good grief! Time really does fly! Halloween candy is already on store shelves. Don’t let preparation spook you. Here are 7 easy steps to a more organized Halloween! Make a list of everything you’d like to do for Halloween: costumes, party plans, visiting a pumpkin patch, going on a hay ride, pumpkin carving and, of course, trick-or-treating. Hopefully everything is …

Master Closet Makeover

This closet was a jumbled mess. It had become a disorganized catchall for clothes, accessories and random clutter. My client knew she wanted a whole new closet. But before designing her new space, it was time for the big purge! Everything that didn’t belong in the closet, like office supplies and work papers, found new homes. We then tackled clothes, …