A Crafty Makeover

One of the most fun projects I’ve done this year is create a craft room out of a former bedroom. My client told me her grand kids don’t sleep over as much now that they’re older, so she said it was time to let go and create a space where she could have all of her craft supplies in one place.

A Crafty Makeover BeforeA Crafty Makeover BeforeA Crafty Makeover Before

After walking me through her home to show me all of the different kinds of craft materials she wanted to move into this room, I was able to design a space that would hold everything and give her a great work surface. We turned to elfa from The Container Store and re-purposed some existing drawer units, shelves and a dresser to create a space where she can see everything she has.

A Crafty Makeover AfterA Crafty Makeover AfterA Crafty Makeover After

We used elfa’s version of a utility board above her work surface so all of her tools are easy to see and access (and, yes, color coordinated). 😊

Everything is categorized and labeled. Clear bins hold all of her various craft supplies.

Drawers are labeled.

We used the back of both doors in the room to add baskets for additional storage. Again, everything is clearly labeled.

We sorted beads and paper…by color.

We even added some stick-on lights to give her extra lighting while working on her wonderful projects.

My client says this room is more than she imagined it could be and surpasses her wildest dreams. That makes my heart happy. 😊