Spring into Organization

With Spring upon us, it’s the perfect time to get organized. After all, being organized creates more time, space and energy in your life to relax and do what you love. And let’s face it, there’s a lot of fun stuff to do in Colorado! So where should you begin?

Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Let’s face it, cleaning isn’t necessarily the most fun thing to do. But once or twice a year, it’s great to tackle areas we don’t get to during our normal cleaning routine. So from a variety of sources, SOS Facebook fans and my own routine, here are some Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks (and a few ideas that work for everyday cleaning)!

Post-Holiday Storage

Christmas has come and gone. And that means it’s time to put away decorations for another year.

Pack Smart

Lots of us will be traveling this holiday season. So the big question when packing is “Should I roll or fold?”

‘Tis the Season to Get Organized

As Halloween approaches…Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t too far behind. So clear the clutter BEFORE the holidays. Whether you’re having family visit or just need to plan for all the toys and presents about to be added to your stockpile, now’s the time to get your home organized.