Smart Organizing Solutions Featured on 9News

I recently did an interview for the 9News Business Brief. I chatted about how I decided to become a professional organizer and the demand for organizing services.

To Pack or Toss?

Moving season is upon us. Make unpacking your new home easier by packing with purpose.
Ask yourself these questions…after all, why pack, move and unpack things you no longer want or need?

The SOS Resource Guide

Because so much of what I do as an organizer involves helping people purge the things they no longer need or use, I’ve come up with some “go-to” resources for disposing or donating those items. I hope you find this helpful! Hazardous Waste Dead batteries. Old paint. Light bulbs. Even fingernail polish. You know better than to toss these items …

Stop Clutter Before It Enters Your Home

Clutter comes in many forms. There’s the stuff already in your home and then there’s the stuff knocking on the door, begging to be let in. What’s a gal to do? Here are three of the top culprits and some tips to just say “no!”