Clever Ways to Organize with Towel Bars

Towel racks aren’t just for hanging towels. You’re about to see just how versatile they can be. And with all of the options available, you can choose something that fits your style. Here are a few ways to use a towel bar to maximize smaller spaces and get organized.

Laundry Room Wall Organization
Cramped laundry room? No problem! Hang clothes to dry and give yourself extra storage by attaching baskets with some S-hooks.
Card catalog desk
Clear clutter from your desk top by hanging buckets for office or craft supplies.
Towel bar planters and art supplies
Clever Lid Storage
Look at all the uses for your kitchen! Conquer that pesky pile of lids.
Towel bar mug rack
Create a coffee station and hang your mugs.
Transform towel bars
Free up a drawer or counter space by hanging your cooking utensils and spare towels.
Under cabinet towel bar
Towel bar ties
Now see what happens when you put a towel bar to work in your closet.
towel bar scarves and hats
Tame ties, scarves and caps.
towel bar shoe holder
Get a handle on heels.
towel bar jewelry
Turn your jewelry into art.
towel bar bath baskets and storage
Boost storage in a small bathroom with these smart organizing solutions.
towel bar makeup holder
Hang cute baskets from a towel rod for storing towels, toiletries and cosmetics.
towel bar wrapping station
Create a gift wrap center on the inside of a door.
tool shed towel bar
Make better use of your shed’s doors or walls by hanging everything from spades to the garden hose.

I hope these ideas inspire you. I’d love to see how you tame your clutter with a towel bar. 🙂

And as always, if you need help getting started, give me a call. I love teaching adults and kids how to be organized!

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