Pack Smart


Lots of us will be traveling this holiday season. So the big question when packing is “Should I roll or fold?”

Tightly rolling clothes means you can fit more into your suitcase. And while you wind up with fewer creases, you often unpack your bag to find a wrinkly mess. Rolling is great for synthetic fabrics like nylon which tend to wrinkle less than natural fabrics like cotton.

Folding is my preferred method of packing – mostly because I wear a lot of cotton fabrics. I try to fold clothing along the creases they are supposed to have. This works great for pants, jeans and shorts. It seems to work well for most shirts, but you often wind up with unwanted creases when you fold the shirt in half.

I’ve recently been turned on to a product that helps with the folding process, cuts down on unwanted wrinkles and saves space. Check out this travel organizer.

No matter your preferred packing method, I wish you safe travels and lots of holiday enjoyment!