A Peek Inside An Organizer’s Home

Yes, my home is neat and tidy. There is a place for everything and everything is in its place.

But some of the things I don’t do may surprise you.

So here’s a peek inside THIS professional organizer’s home habits.

Organize your spice rack

I don’t alphabetize my spices OR keep them in matching jars with pretty labels. Gasp! This one typically surprises most people and I totally get that. But, I arrange my spices by use and cuisine. For instance, I keep all the spices to whip up a yummy Italian meal together and I keep sweet separate from savory. That’s what works for us. Do I love the look of matching containers and custom labels? Absolutely! But I’ll save that effort for my clients who want Instagram-ready organizing. I’m okay with my system.

Organize your household papers

I don’t alphabetize or color code my files either. Well, let me qualify that one. I arrange my files by how often I use them. I like having the files I need to get into most often at the front of the drawer. I do, however, use a label maker to make my files look neat and uniform.

Organized clothes closet

I don’t have matching hangers.  I do, however, have hangers that are the same color.  I like the huggable hangers for silky items that tend to slip off regular hangers.  I use plastic hangers for t-shirts and wooden hangers for other dress shirts and pants.  While uniform hangers do elevate a closet to fab status, I like using hangers that fit my needs.  For me, those huggable hangers make getting t-shirts hung up a pain.  They’re just too “huggable” for some items. 😊

Uncluttered end table

I don’t mind empty space.  In fact, I embrace it.  Our end tables in the living room have a lamp and one piece of art that holds meaning for us.  My nightstand has a lamp, a photo of my fur baby and my alarm clock (yes, I’m old school).  I have empty shelves in the kitchen and in the closet.  For me, empty space doesn’t feel naked.  I like the breathing room.

Organized closet shelving

I’m not constantly buying organizing products.  While I love me some matching bins and baskets, I use what I have and re-purpose whenever possible.  The one space that is tricked out with beautiful bins with nice labels is our master closet.  But when it comes to under our bath or kitchen sinks, I think I’ve been using the same bins for 10 years, if not more.  And I think our pantry has 3 different kinds of bins. 

Donation box isolated on white

I keep a donation box in the house.  If my hubby or I come across something we no longer need or want, we drop it in the bag.  Once the bag is full, off it goes to the nearest donation center.  Luckily for me, I’m a frequent visitor thanks to the donation drops I do for my clients every week. 😊

Every organizer is different.  Every client is different.  What works for one person might drive another crazy.  That’s why when I come to help you organize, I want to learn your habits so I can develop a system that works for YOU!

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