Post Holiday Storage

Christmas has come and gone. And that means it’s time to put away decorations for another year.

Because you’re storing precious items long-term, it’s best to use airtight and watertight containers. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy all new matching totes, but you should check to make sure your containers are free of tears and cracks and that lids fit snug and tight.

My containers don’t match. However, I do keep them all together in one place so I never have to go through everything in the garage to decorate each year.

Christmas Tree Bag

I’m pretty excited about one new purchase I made. I was able to get rid of two giant plastic bins (cracks and all!) in favor of a rolling tree bag. I’m also happy that our tree will stay together and not get quite as crunched as it did when we stuffed the pieces into bins.

There are lots of great storage solutions for ornaments.

Jubilee Ornament Storage
Wing Lid Ornament Storage

The most important thing is to make sure breakable ornaments are protected. I simply wrap all of my ornaments in tissue paper and put them in one plastic bin. Maybe one day (when that bin cracks) I’ll go for a compartment-type storage box, but for right now, what I do works great for me.

It’s also best to store decorations in their original packaging.  But if some of your items didn’t come in a box, wrap them in tissue paper or bubble wrap.  I try to place all boxed items in one bin and all wrapped decorations in another bin.

Christmas Light Storage
Fancy Christmas Light Storage

To keep lights from getting all tangled, wrap them around spools to make them easy to unwind next year. An easy and cheap solution – the empty tube from a roll of paper towels.

And don’t forget, if you displayed some items that you’re just not thrilled with anymore, think about donating them. After all, why store them if you don’t want them anymore?