Clever Ways to Use Over-the-Door Shoe Organizers

Need extra storage space? Look no further than the back or inside of a door. And one of my favorite organizing products to take advantage of this often over-looked vertical spade is the over-the-door shoe organizer. It’s not just for footwear. Take a look at some of these smart organizing solutions!

Cleaning Supplies. You know that mess under your bathroom or kitchen sink? Here’s the solution.
Repurposed Shoe Organizer

Cooking utensils. Put the pantry door to use by tucking bulky utensils in these handy pockets. You can also use it to stash spices, snacks or other pantry staples.

Kitchen SuppliesPantry

Scarves and mittens. Put the inside of your hall closet to work. No more digging through bins trying to find the right scarf.
Scarves and Mittens

Put your bathroom door to work. Hair accessories, toiletries, makeup and nail polish fit perfectly in the pockets.
Bathroom Door

Don’t forget about the linen closet. What a smart way to store first aid supplies.
First Aid Kit

Arts and crafts or school supplies. The pictures say it all.

Art SuppliesCraft Supplies

Toys. Legos, stuffed animals, Barbie accessories. The possibilities are endless.

LegosToy Organization

Cords and batteries. What a smart solution!
Cords and Batteries

And, of course, it’s also perfect for shoes. 🙂