Fridge and Freezer Form

Fridge organization for open refrigerator

Whether planning meals for your family or putting together a grocery list, keeping your fridge and freezer organized will save you time and money.

I make it a habit to empty my fridge and freezer once a month to both clean and get rid of expired items. It makes it easy to know what I have and it’s a great time to figure out what needs to go on my grocery list.

For fridge organization, I keep like food items together. All condiments, dressings and other jarred ingredients go in the door. I keep one crisper bin for fruits, the other for veggies. I use my other drawer for cheeses and lunchmeats.

Take advantage of the adjustable shelf feature if your refrigerator has it. Customizing shelf heights will help you maximize the space you have for the types of food you store. It also allows you to leave yourself stackable space for food storage containers.

Here’s another tip that works for me. Once I get home from the grocery store, I immediately wash and prep all fruits and veggies. I’ve found that if I do it all at once, I save time throughout the rest of the week because all the prep work is done. I also save money because I don’t wind up throwing out food that’s gone bad because I never got around to cleaning it. One other benefit – I love having ready-to-eat snacks when the munchies occur.