Make the Most Out of Covid-19 Quarantine

The last few weeks have been a challenging time for everyone.  And the weeks ahead will prove to be even more so as we continue to practice social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19.  For many of us, we’re under complete stay-at-home orders.

I applaud all that you are doing and please know that I am thinking of you and hoping you are safe, healthy and happy.

While we can’t control much of what is happening in the world right now, we can control our own environment and outlook.

One of the best ways to feel more in control is creating a comfortable and organized home.  And let’s face, we’ve got time on our hands to focus on things we normally might not have time for. 😊  Studies show that having a clutter free home helps give you a more positive mindset.

Last year, I dedicated my blog to the process of organizing.  I wanted to share links to some of those to help you figure out how you can get started.

The latter half of last year was dedicated to actual areas to declutter.  Here is one of those links:

10 Quick and Easy Decluttering Ideas

For more inspiration, you can scroll through the remaining blogs.

Stay positive.  This situation we find ourselves in right now will not last forever.  Someday this “new normal” will be a thing of the past.

Until then, I’m sending good thoughts your way!