Organizing Strategies

image that reads: Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.

The journey continues to a more organized life.

Last month we talked about starting small and figuring out what to keep, donate, trash or recycle.

Now you’re left with everything you want to keep in your space…so let’s talk basic organizing strategies.

A reminder – there is no right or wrong way to organize.  It’s what works best for you. 

But the goal should be to have a place for everything.  If everything has a home, it’s much easier to stay organized.  A place for everything…and everything in its place.

Group like items together.  Keeping like with like helps you and your family find things more quickly.  It also makes it so much easier to put things away when you’re finished with them.

Store items where you use them.  The closer an item is to the place where it’s needed, the better.  For example, instead of loading up a single closet with every set of sheets you own, store them in the rooms where they’ll be used.

Make things accessible.  I call it the “nose to knee” zone.  Store the items you use the most between nose and knee height to avoid having to get on a step stool or kneeling on the floor.  You want to use all that vertical space, so store lighter items you use less frequently up high.  Keep heavier items down low – that way you reduce the risk of those items falling on your head!

As always, if you find yourself in need of help or motivation, give me a call!

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