To Pack or Toss?

image of moving boxes

Moving season is upon us. Make unpacking your new home easier by packing with purpose.
Ask yourself these questions…after all, why pack, move and unpack things you no longer want or need?

1. Will this fit in my new home?

Whether you’re moving into a smaller home or the rooms have a different layout, ask yourself if all of your furniture will fit. And, if you think it will, ask yourself where exactly in the new home it will go. This allows you to start picturing what your new home will look and feel like. Any items you decide to let go of you can donate or sell.

2. If I went shopping today, would I buy this again?

I ask this question over and over again during organizing sessions. If the answer is yes, then pack it and take it with you. But if the answer is no, let it go.

3. Do I love this?

These are things you may not use on a daily basis but have special meaning for you – like sentimental items or gifts from loved ones. Think of memorabilia as a treasure for the future when you want to reminisce about the past. When you’re old and gray and you decide to pull out that box (or boxes) of memories, make sure it’s full of things that bring you happiness.

Moving can be stressful and emotional. But packing with purpose will save you money (fewer packing supplies needed) and time (the less you have to move, the easier moving will be).

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