Two Habits of Organized People

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Clients ask me all the time about my own home.  And I’m happy to share with them that my husband and I spend zero time organizing our stuff.  And that’s because we adhere to two habits.  Yes, just two.

1. A Place for Everything…

Everything we own has a designated home.  Every.  Single. Item.  Granted, we switch up where we put picture frames and other décor every once in awhile, but I consider that re-decorating, not organizing. 😊  If all of your “stuff” has a home, it’s easy to stay organized.

2. …and Everything in its Place.

Instead of putting something down, we put it away.  This is actually a really easy habit to get into and it’s key to staying organized.  When you’re finished using something, put it back where it belongs.  It takes seconds.  And trust me, it truly beats spending hours on the weekend tidying your home because everyone has left their stuff hither and yon.  Plus, if you get surprise drop in guests, no problem.  Your home may not be spic and span clean, but at least it will be tidy!

Simple, right? But, of course, if you find yourself needing help and motivation, give me a call!

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