Before You Toss Your Old Nail Polish…

Here’s something I didn’t know. Nail polish is considered household hazardous waste. It’s toxic to the environment just like house paint, pesticides, batteries and some household cleaners. It’s definitely not something that should go in a landfill. So what is the most responsible way to dispose of old nail polish?

The Anti-Junk Drawer

Yes, even my home has a junk drawer. Well, I call it the anti-junk drawer. And like yours, mine can get cluttered at times. So how can you organize your family’s odds and ends?

Spring into Organization

With Spring upon us, it’s the perfect time to get organized. After all, being organized creates more time, space and energy in your life to relax and do what you love. And let’s face it, there’s a lot of fun stuff to do in Colorado! So where should you begin?