10 Minutes – 10 Things to Toss

You want to be more organized.  I know you do because you’re visiting my website and reading this blog.  If the thought of tackling your closet, an entire room or (gasp!) the whole house is just too intimidating, start by tossing 10 things in 10 minutes.

I’ll even get you started with some lists!

Clothes hung neatly in organized closet at home

Your Closet

  1. Socks with holes in them or socks with no match
  2. Clothes that no longer fit your style
  3. Clothes that no longer fit…period
  4. Shoes you don’t wear – I’m talking scuffed, uncomfortable or out of style
  5. Shirts with stains
  6. Ratty t-shirts
  7. Bras that don’t support the girls
  8. Old underwear
  9. Wire hangers – please, please, please take them back to the dry cleaner. Your clothes deserve better!
  10. Clothing you’ll never get around to mending

The Bathroom

  1. Frayed towels and bed linens
  2. Old makeup – yes, it does expire
  3. Toiletries you never use
  4. Expired medicine and vitamins
  5. Dried up nail polish
  6. Hair accessories you don’t use
  7. Empty bottles of cleaning products – why do people put empty bottles back under the sink?!
  8. Perfume and cologne that’s gone bad or you no longer wear
  9. Old toothbrushes
  10. Ratty rugs
Home Office

Your Home Office

  1. Dried out pens and markers
  2. Bent paperclips – and, do you really need more than a handful?
  3. Broken and out-dated electronics
  4. Old paperwork and bills
  5. Cables, cords and wires for electronics you no longer have
  6. Junk mail
  7. Past address labels – if you no longer live there, why are you keeping them?
  8. Outdated computer software discs
  9. Old cell phones, accessories and covers
  10. Manuals – have you ever read one?
image of a small kitchen

The Kitchen

  1. Expired Food
  2. Expired spices – yes, they do lose their flavor
  3. Duplicate cooking utensils
  4. Gadgets you don’t use
  5. Melted plastic containers and containers missing their lids
  6. Old or broken dishes
  7. Vases you never use
  8. Free promotional mugs that don’t match your dish set
  9. Ratty or stained dish towels
  10. That nasty dish sponge – you should replace them regularly

Kid Stuff

  1. Broken toys or toys your kids have outgrown
  2. Broken or worn-down crayons
  3. Shoes that don’t fit
  4. Clothes that don’t fit
  5. Books they’ve outgrown or won’t read again
  6. Puzzles with missing pieces
  7. Board games with missing pieces
  8. Old car seats
  9. Baby furniture you no longer need
  10. School papers or artwork that you’ve deemed “not special enough to keep”

General Stuff

  1. Magazines – if you haven’t read them by now…
  2. VHS tapes – unless of course you still have a working VHS machine
  3. DVDs you don’t watch
  4. Old pillows
  5. Decorations you don’t like or display
  6. Old paint
  7. Books – have you read it yet? Will you read it again?
  8. Broken jewelry or earrings with no mates
  9. Nearly everything in your junk drawer
  10. Dead batteries

Go ahead.  Walk into any room in your home.  I bet you can find 10 things to toss in no time!

And, as always, if you need help, give me a call!

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