Organizing With Command Hooks

Oh…the mighty power of the tiny Command hook! Command hooks are in my top 10 list of favorite organizing products. “What?” you say? You mean those hooks I use to hang pictures? How can they possibly help organize my home? Read on and you will see some smart organizing solutions using these amazing hooks! And remember, you can use them on most surfaces and they come off easily without damaging your wall or cupboards.

Increase Under-Sink Storage

I can personally vouch for this one. I use a binder clip to hang dish gloves and scrubbing brushes under my kitchen sink.
Under sink door: Kitchen organizing with command hooks

Increase Cabinet Storage

Hang a magazine rack on the inside of a cupboard door for quick and easy storage of Tupperware lids.
Gather Loose Tupperware Lids for kitchen organization
Tidy up kitchen tools and free up drawer space by hanging measuring cups and baking attachments inside a cabinet door.
Command Hooks for organizing baking utensils in kitchen

Corral Cords

Genius idea to keep cords from taking over your kitchen counter tops!
Command Hook used to contain mixing bowl cord

Create Easy Access Storage

Keep bibs handy by hanging them right on the back of your high chair. Super smart idea!
Comman hooks to organize child's bibs

Increase Bathroom Storage

Hang a magazine rack on the outside of a cupboard to hold curling irons, hair dryer or brushes.
File Box used for bathroom organization of hair dryers
Or hang baskets inside the cupboard to keep hair clips and bands tidy.
Under sink storage solution for bathrooms

Medicine Cabinet Magic

Turn a small Command hook sideways. Now you can store your toothbrushes inside the medicine cabinet where they are safe from all the potty particles that float around your bathroom. (Yes…that’s a real thing.)
Small Command Hooks to hold toothbrushes in a medicine cabinet

Take to the Walls!

Hang belts.
Belts on command hooks for closet organization
You can store sunglasses this way, too. Gotta admit…this is a clever idea!
Sunglasses on Command hooks for closet organization
Now that you’ve seen some smart ways to use Command hooks to tidy your home, I’d love to see your ideas!

Happy Organizing!

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