Taming Tupperware

My Tupperware cabinet is so organized! says no one ever.

Tee hee! Tupperware and other food storage containers seem to multiply overnight. And somehow lids just simply disappear. Never fear, there are some easy ways to tame your Tupperware!

Use Bins to Divide and Conquer

Food storage containers organized nicely in kitchen cabinet

For a smart and simple solution to keep plastic containers of varying sizes neat and tidy, use bins to store lids and small containers. Extra credit for labeling the bins!

Use Tension Rods

Tension Rods holding lids and food storage containers in kitchen drawer

Tension rods can be extended to fit just about any size drawer. What a smart way to keep lids and containers separate and tidy.

Use Drawer Dividers

Tupperware Storage with drawer dividers
Food storage containers organized nicely in a kitchen drawer

Divide drawers into sections for lids and various sized containers. Lovely!

Use the Cabinet Door

Loose tupperware lids on back of kitchen cabinet door

A mail sorter or magazine rack is a smart way to get control of lids. Plus, it frees up shelf space for bulky containers.

Go Custom

Food storage containers organized in a kitchen with pull outs

Isn’t this smart?! There are a variety of places that sell custom cabinet storage options. I love that this entire system pulls out for easy access.

Proof It Can Be Done

Tupperware all over kitchen shelf in before photo
Tupperware organized on kitchen shelves in after photo

Pretty professional photos are great, but when it comes to taming Tupperware, sometimes you have to see a real-life success story.

I used a combo of storage methods to help this client get her containers and lids organized and under control. We used bins to corral tiny lids and small containers. The bigger glass and plastic containers stack easily on their own. We used a CD divider to “file” more lids on a shelf. And because the lower part of the cabinet is so tall, we added an under-the-shelf basket to add even more storage.

I hope these ideas inspire you! Happy organizing!

And, as always, if you need help, give me a call!

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