The Benefits of Being Organized

Getting organized using a label maker

A new year is here!  And if getting organized is on your New Year’s resolution list, have I got some great news for you!

In addition to a more visually appealing home, getting organized makes your life easier. 

And I don’t just mean easier to find your keys in the morning…although that is a nice perk. 😊 I mean easier because being organized reduces stress, saves you time and money and improves your emotional and mental well-being.

Who knew being organized could do so much?!  Well…I did…and now I’m going to show you how.

Being Organized Reduces Stress

When everything has a home, you don’t get frustrated searching for things you know you have but can’t find.  Being organized also allows you to get things done with as little frustration (and stress) as possible. 

Being Organized Saves Time and Money

Let’s face it…life is hectic.  Being organized helps you make the most of your time by getting things done in as few steps as possible.  When you know what you have and where to find it, you don’t waste time looking for things.

Being organized also saves you money.  When you can see what you have, you don’t spend money buying duplicates.  And making sure incoming paperwork is organized means no late fees on bills you forgot to pay.

Being Organized is Good for Your Emotional and Mental Health

Clutter has a negative impact on mental well-being.  Being surrounded by too much stuff is like being confronted with a never-ending “to-do” list.  That, in turn, affects your productivity…not to mention your ability to relax!  I’ve worked with many clients who have told me that organizing their homes went far beyond the visual improvements – they actually felt calmer and happier.  Win Win!

Need help getting started?  Give me a call!  I will help you create more time, space and energy in your life to relax and do what you love. 

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